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The Reasons Why You Should Install Solar Screens



The installation of solar screens matters regardless of where you live. There are many benefits which are associated with installing these screens in your home with one being that there is a reduction of most of the heat reaching your window surface. The other benefits are that there are reductions in fading of your furniture and carpets, and energy costs are also reduced. These solar screens are easy to install, and there are online videos and books which can provide you with the knowledge and skills of installing them. Solar screens are woven meshes that block the sun's rays which are hot from entering your windows.


These solar window shades can best be used on doors, windows, and porches. Sun shades are made of strong and durable fabric, and they were originally developed for outdoor utilization. These shades can occasionally be cleaned using water and mild soap. Solar screens are effective window treatments which can be applied to any home and they lower the energy bills by discontinuing heat transfer through your doors and windows while maintaining your view. These screens are coated with the polyester material, and that makes them pet resistant. There are various colors of solar screens, and when you are buying them, you choose the darker colors because they are more efficient and have better views.


One good advantage with solar screens is that they still work well whether the windows are closed or open. These solar screens can be removed during winter to allow the sun to shine in. It is also advisable that you keep these solar screens in place during the winter period because the Phifer Suntex fabric of the screen can reduce the chilling effect across the surface of the window. When there is a reduction in chilling effects, that reduces heat loss. These solar screens also assist when it comes to increasing protection whenever the windows are open.


Because these solar screens do not come into contact with the glass, they assist in prolonging the life of the insulated glass by not permitting the heat to accumulate and make the window seals to break. There are tools that are needed during the installation of these solar screens, and they include measuring tape, a ladder, spline tool, blue painters tape, corner clips, and turn clips. The appropriate measure of the screens and the screen frames should be the exact measurement of your outside window. Solar screens, therefore, have many advantages and that is why you should install them. Here is another reliable reading: http://www.mahalo.com/how-to-pick-fabric-for-curtains/.